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Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Quality Assurance and Compliance Field

To utilize my 17+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry to advance in the field of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Management through:

  1. Advising senior management and assisting in the development of processes and programs to ensure organization-wide compliance with cGMP standards.

  2. Supporting the implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System according to the company policy.

  3. Performing compliance audits of external contractors & vendors.

  4. Working on data analysis and evaluation.

  5. Determining, evaluating and investigating deviations and preparation of OOS & CAPA reports.

  6. Reviewing controlled documentation, protocols and investigation reports.

  7. Reviewing and resolving quality related problems, deviations and investigations.

  8. Supporting company quality systems.

  9. Applying the appropriate technical skills in cGMP.

  10. Assisting in ensuring that company SOPs and guidelines are well defined, properly revised, maintained and implemented.  

  11. Preparing documents for internal reports.

  12. Participating in the pharmaceutical project design, qualification and validation processes.

  13. Designing, implementing and maintaining the GxP training requirements for company employees.

Academic Teaching Field

To utilize 7+ years of teaching & training experience to advance in the field of Academic Teaching, Curriculum Development, Biosciences Research and Pharmaceutical Technology through:

  1. Promotion, recognition and enhancement of medical, pharmaceutical and bioscience research.

  2. Promotion, recognition and enhancement of good learning & teaching practice.

  3. Creation of a more accessible, easy and effective learning & research environment.

  4. Strengthen learning & teaching through collaboration with the profession of health sciences and regulated industries.

  5. Participate in healthcare professional skill development through learning and education.

Honors and Awards


January  1996 - January 2001

Ph.D in Pharmacy

University of Manitoba, Manitoba, Canada


Thesis advisor: Dr. Frank J. Burczynski, Associate Professor of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. Graduated with a GPA of 4.07 out of 4.5 (A).


Our research work at faculty of Pharmacy, University of Manitoba, Canada focuses on the cellular drug uptake mechanisms in adult and neonatal hepatocytes and cardiac myocytes. We are investigating the uptake process of lipophilic substrates such as long-chain fatty acids and the influence of extracellular and intracellular binding proteins on this process. Experimental studies are based on mathematical models of the uptake process. More details could be submitted upon request.


September 1978 - February 1984

B.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Science

King Saud University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Academic advisor: Dr. Rafiq R. Abou-Shaaban. Graduated with a GPA of 4.15 out of 5 (B) with an Honor's Degree.

  1. Graduated with honor from King Saud University, 1984

  2. Awarded University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship for 3 consecutive years, 1997- 1999.

  3. Park – Davis Canada Centennial Pharmacy Research Award, 1996.

  4. University of Manitoba Student Union and Graduate Student Association Union Award, 1997.

  5. Association Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada (AFPC), Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy National Student Poster Award, 1999.

  6. Completed the required Ph.D. courses program with an overall GPA of 4.06 out of 4.5.


  1. Membership in Saudi Commission for Health Specialties ( SCFHS)

  2. Membership in Parenteral Drug Association (PDA), Baltimore, MD, USA

  3. Membership in American Society for Quality (ASQ)

  4. Membership in Irish Cleanroom Society ( ICS)

Additional Skills

​My Intellectual Type Indicator is Precision Processor / Inspector. During my working experience, I have developed the following skills:

  1. Leadership charisma

  2. Dynamic team player

  3. Sense of responsibility

  4. Highly inquisitive

  5. Creative and resourceful

  6. Good skills in communication and collaboration.

  7. Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office products.

  8. Knowledge of good documentation practices

About  Me

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